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Our equipment is state of the art so that we can allow for the highest level of service and quality available.

We have the latest Information Technology available in the industry to provide our customers with the information that they need to control their costs and manage their linen expense.

Advantages of Using Independent Linen Service

The outsourcing of a linen and uniform rental service has become more popular among business today for a number of reasons:


Our delivery representative goes to your business on a weekly basis to pick up your soiled linen and garments and provides you with a clean supply.


We are responsible for keeping you well stocked with an inventory of items set for your requirements. You or your staff does not have to do laundry, maintain equipment, worry about running short, replace worn out items or purchase new ones.

Cost Reduction

You save on the cost of employee wages and benefits, energy, laundry chemicals, water and space. You do not have to purchase, update or maintain equipment. You never have to buy or replace linen.


We deliver daily, every other day or weekly to suit your needs.